Cecilia 3 groups is a professional coffee pod machine suitable for bars and restaurants. It lets you prepare from 3 to 6 coffees simultaneously, and at the same time it is very flexible because it lets you switch off groups which are not in use. As with the other models in the series, each group can be fitted with the single spout (for 7 gram pods, i.e. one cup), or the double spout (for 14 gram pods, i.e. two cups). It is fitted with a 3.5 litre thermoblock, which produces an exceptional saving in energy consumption compared with other machines on the market. The drip tray, too, is particularly generous (3.5 litres). The Cecilia 3-group exists in two versions, manual and automatic (the buttons are for long coffee and short coffee).


Цена: 2,440.00 BGN

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